How to Vote for Bigg BossHow to Vote for Bigg Boss

How to Vote for Bigg Boss: A Complete Guide

How to Vote for Bigg Boss –

Supporting your favorite contestant on Bigg Boss can make a real difference in their journey on the show. Here’s how you can cast your vote effectively to keep them in the house.


How to Vote for Bigg Boss
How to Vote for Bigg Boss All steps

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Voting Methods

You can vote for Bigg Boss contestants using two main methods:

  1. Online Voting via Voot App/Website
  2. Missed Call Voting

Online Voting via Voot App/Website

Step-by-Step Guide

1. Download the Voot App:

  • Android Users: Visit the Google Play Store.
  • iOS Users: Visit the Apple App Store.
  • Search for “Voot” and download the app.
How to Vote for Bigg Boss
How to Vote for Bigg Boss

2. Register/Login:

  • Open the Voot app.
  • Register by providing the required details or log in if you already have an account.

3. Navigate to Bigg Boss:

  • Use the search bar to type “Bigg Boss.”
  • Select the current season.

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4. Vote for Your Favorite Contestant:

  • Look for the “Vote Now” button.
  • A list of nominated contestants for eviction will appear.
  • Select your favorite contestant and cast your vote.

5. Voting Limits:

  • You can usually vote multiple times, but there might be a daily limit. Check the official rules on the app for details.

Missed Call Voting

Step-by-Step Guide

1. Check the Contestant’s Code:

  • Each nominated contestant has a unique code assigned by Bigg Boss.
  • These codes are displayed during the show or can be found on the official Bigg Boss social media pages.

2. Dial the Number:

  • Dial the designated number for your favorite contestant and give a missed call.
  • Example: If the code for a contestant is 123, you might need to dial 1800-XXX-123.

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3. Confirm Your Vote:

  • After giving the missed call, you might receive a confirmation SMS (depending on your service provider and region).

Important Points to Remember

  • Voting Period: Voting lines are open for a limited time, usually announced during the eviction episodes. Make sure to cast your vote within this period.
  • Fair Play: Only votes cast within the stipulated time frame and through official channels will be counted.
  • Rules and Regulations: Voting rules may vary each season. Always check the latest guidelines on the Voot app or the official Bigg Boss website.
How to Vote for Bigg Boss
How to Vote for Bigg Boss

By following these steps, you can actively support your favorite contestant on Bigg Boss and help them stay in the competition. Happy voting.

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