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Amit Shah News: Amit Shah Dismisses Kejriwal’s Claims, Asserts Modi’s Continuation as PM

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New Delhi:

The political arena has once again witnessed sparks flying as Home Minister Amit Shah responded to Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s recent remarks, dismissing the notion that Prime Minister Narendra Modi intends to step aside in favor of Shah himself. Shah’s comments came as a retort to Kejriwal’s assertion that Modi was paving the way for Shah to assume the role of Prime Minister in the future.

In his first press conference after being released from jail, Kejriwal took a swipe at PM Modi, suggesting that the BJP’s push for a ‘one nation, one leader’ agenda hinted at a transition towards Shah’s leadership. Drawing attention to Modi’s upcoming 75th birthday and the age limit rule he instituted in 2014, Kejriwal speculated on the possibility of Modi stepping down, which would ostensibly lead to Shah’s ascension. ( You are reading Amit Shah News )

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However, Shah swiftly rebutted these claims, asserting that there is no such provision in the BJP’s constitution regarding a 75-year-old age limit for leadership. He reaffirmed Modi’s continued leadership and dismissed any ambiguity within the party regarding the Prime Minister’s tenure.( You are reading Amit Shah News )

Amit Shah News
“Shah refutes age limit claim, backs Modi’s leadership.”

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Moreover, Shah questioned Kejriwal’s interpretation of his interim bail as a clean chit in legal matters, emphasizing that it merely provides temporary relief for campaigning purposes and does not absolve him of the allegations against him. Kejriwal’s bail conditions restrict his access to official duties, highlighting the ongoing legal battles surrounding him and his party members. ( You are reading Amit Shah News )

Meanwhile, Shah expressed confidence in the BJP’s electoral prospects, predicting victory in over 200 seats across the country and a significant presence in southern states like Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. He emphasized the party’s commitment to fulfilling its promises, citing the government’s track record of delivering on 92% of its pledges from previous elections.( You are reading Amit Shah News )

Amit Shah News
“Shah confident: BJP to win 200+ seats, deliver on promises.”

Shah also took aim at the opposition, particularly the Congress and its allies, accusing them of indulging in corrupt and dynastic politics. He underscored the ideological divide between the BJP-led NDA, championed by Modi, and what he characterized as the regressive politics of the opposition. ( You are reading Amit Shah News )

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In the midst of political jousting, Shah reiterated the government’s firm stance on national security, vowing to strengthen both internal and external defenses to combat terrorism and extremism. He dismissed any concessions on matters of national integrity, particularly regarding Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK), contrasting the government’s stance with what he described as the Congress party’s appeasement policies.

As the electoral landscape continues to evolve, Shah’s remarks signal the BJP’s unwavering commitment to Modi’s leadership and its determination to secure another term in office, setting the stage for a fiercely contested electoral battle in the coming months.( You are reading Amit Shah News )

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