YouTuber Manish Kashyap ArrestedYouTuber Manish Kashyap Arrested

Bihar YouTuber Manish Kashyap Arrested in T.N. Fake News Case Joins BJP

Who is YouTuber Manish Kashyap:

Manish Kashyap, a well-known YouTuber with his channel ‘Manish Kashyap Son of Bihar‘, found himself caught in a controversy after being arrested in March 2023. The arrest came following accusations of sharing misleading videos depicting attacks on migrants from Bihar working in Tamil Nadu. Recently, after spending months in custody, Kashyap made headlines once again by joining the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) upon his releas

YouTuber Manish Kashyap Arrested and Controversy:

The controversy surrounding Kashyap arose when he allegedly shared videos that were claimed to be misleading, showing assaults on Bihari migrants in Tamil Nadu. These videos surfaced during a period of heightened tensions between Bihar and Tamil Nadu, prompting Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin to issue statements urging migrants not to believe in such rumors. Several cases were filed against Kashyap, leading to his arrest and subsequent transfer from Bihar to Tamil Nadu.

Despite efforts to evade the authorities, Kashyap surrendered to the police after a brief period on the run. His arrest sparked debates over the spread of misinformation and its potential impact on inter-state relations and communal harmony.

YouTuber Manish Kashyap Arrested Legal Battles and Release:

Following his arrest, Kashyap faced legal proceedings in Tamil Nadu, where he remained incarcerated for a significant period in Madurai. However, in December 2023, he was brought back to Bihar, marking a significant development in his legal saga. After months of legal battles, Kashyap finally walked out of jail, signaling the end of his confinement. YouTuber Manish Kashyap Arrested

Background of  YouTuber Manish Kashyap:

Manish Kashyap, a prominent Bihar YouTuber, gained attention last year for allegedly spreading fake news about Bihari migrants being attacked in Tamil Nadu, leading to panic among the migrant community. He was arrested and spent nearly nine months in jail. YouTuber Manish Kashyap Arrested

Joining BJP:

Recently, Kashyap joined the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in Delhi, in the presence of BJP MP Manoj Tiwari. His induction into the party came after earlier plans to contest as an independent candidate in the Lok Sabha elections.

YouTuber Manish Kashyap Arrested
YouTuber Manish Kashyap Join bjp

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Influence and Support:

Kashyap, known for his substantial following on YouTube, expressed his admiration for Prime Minister Narendra Modi and cited his mother’s encouragement to join the BJP. Tiwari, welcoming Kashyap into the party, criticized the treatment Kashyap received under non-BJP governments.

Political Ambitions and Allegations: YouTuber Manish Kashyap Arrested

Kashyap has been vocal about his political aspirations and has previously contested elections unsuccessfully. He has often expressed support for PM Modi and has been critical of opposition figures, including Tejashvi Yadav. Additionally, Kashyap has faced legal issues in the past, including FIRs for alleged financial irregularities and involvement in violent incidents. YouTuber Manish Kashyap Arrested

YouTuber Manish Kashyap arrested
YouTuber Manish Kashyap

Future Prospects of YouTuber Manish Kashyap:

With his entry into the BJP, there is speculation that Kashyap may be considered as a candidate in the upcoming State Assembly elections.

( YouTuber Manish Kashyap Arrested )

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