How to Make Ayushman CardHow to Make Ayushman Card

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Creating an Ayushman Card involves a simple process designed to grant eligible citizens access to healthcare without financial burden. Here’s a straightforward guide:

Step 1 For How to Make Ayushman Card: Check Eligibility

Before applying, ensure you meet the eligibility criteria. This includes being part of socio-economically deprived families or having specified chronic diseases. Check your eligibility based on your state’s guidelines.

 For How to Make Ayushman Card
Check Eligibility

Step 2  For How to Make Ayushman Card: Gather Documents

Collect necessary documents such as ID proof, address proof, family income certificate, and documents related to chronic diseases (if applicable).

Step 3  For How to Make Ayushman Card: Visit Enrollment Center

Locate your nearest Ayushman Bharat PM-JAY enrollment center, typically found in government hospitals or health centers.

Step 4 For How to Make Ayushman Card: Registration and Verification

Fill out the application form at the center and submit your documents for verification.

Step 5 How to Make Ayushman Card: Biometric Authentication

Your biometric details (fingerprint and iris scan) will be taken for authentication purposes.

Step 6 For How to Make Ayushman Card: Receive Ayushman Card

Once verified, you’ll receive your Ayushman Card containing essential details like your name and unique identification number.

Step 7 For How to Make Ayushman Card:

How to Make Ayushman Card
Avail Healthcare

Use your Ayushman Card to access cashless and paperless healthcare services at any empaneled hospital or healthcare facility under the scheme.


For more details and official information, visit the government’s Ayushman Bharat PM-JAY website: [Ayushman Bharat PM-JAY](

This website offers comprehensive information on the scheme, including eligibility criteria, benefits, and enrollment procedures.

What is Ayushman Card:

The Ayushman Card, officially known as the Ayushman Bharat Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana (AB-PMJAY) card, is an essential component of the Ayushman Bharat scheme, which is one of the largest government-funded healthcare programs globally. Launched by the Government of India in September 2018, the Ayushman Bharat PM-JAY aims to provide financial protection to vulnerable families against catastrophic healthcare expenses.

How to Make Ayushman Card
What is Ayushman Card:

Why Ayushman Card Is Important:

The Ayushman Card serves as an identification and authentication tool for beneficiaries of the PM-JAY scheme. It contains crucial information such as the beneficiary’s name, unique identification number, and details of covered family members. With this card, beneficiaries can access cashless and paperless healthcare services at any empaneled hospital or healthcare facility across India.

The key features and benefits of the Ayushman Card include:

  1. Cashless Treatment: Beneficiaries can avail themselves of medical treatment without having to pay cash upfront at empaneled hospitals. The expenses are directly settled by the insurance provider under the PM-JAY scheme. “Harsh Beniwal Biography: The Explosive Rise of India’s YouTube Maverick”
  2. Wide Coverage: The scheme covers a wide range of medical treatments and procedures, including hospitalization expenses, surgeries, diagnostic tests, and follow-up care.
  3. No Cap on Family Size: The Ayushman Card covers all members of eligible families, with no cap on family size, ensuring comprehensive healthcare coverage for vulnerable households.
  4. Portability: Beneficiaries can access healthcare services anywhere in India, making the scheme beneficial for migrant workers and families who frequently move across states.
  5. Preventive Healthcare: The scheme also emphasizes preventive healthcare by offering coverage for screening and treatment of specified chronic diseases.
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