LSD 2: Release Date And Reviews 

As the world hurtles towards an increasingly digital age, the intricacies of modern relationships come to the forefront in the upcoming film, “LSD 2: Love, Sex Aur Dhokha 2.” Scheduled for release on April 19, 2024, this sequel promises to delve deeper into the complexities of love, friendship, and self-discovery against the backdrop of our high-tech society.



Directed by the acclaimed filmmaker Dibakar Banerjee, “LSD 2” intertwines the lives of individuals as they navigate the challenges and nuances of modern relationships. From the allure of online connections to the pitfalls of miscommunication, the film offers a poignant exploration of love, betrayal, and redemption.

Trailer Of The Movie:

Cast and Crew:

Actor/Actress Role
Mouni Roy Lead Role
Tusshar Kapoor Lead Role
Swastika Mukherjee Co-Role
Nimrit Ahluwalia Co-Role
Rossana Elsa Scugugia Italian Girl
Urfi Javed Hot Girl                               
Anupam Joardar Company DG
Anu Malik Singer
Swaroopa Ghosh Music
Paritosh Tiwari Noor
Bonita Rajpurohit  Co-production
Movie scene of LSD 2

Production Details:

Produced by Dibakar Banerjee, Ekta Kapoor, and Shobha Kapoor under the banners of Balaji Telefilms and Cult Movies, “LSD 2” promises to deliver a thought-provoking narrative infused with Banerjee’s signature style and vision.

Trailer and Music:

The trailer for ” This Movie: Love, Sex Aur Dhokha 2″ offers a glimpse into the film’s compelling storyline and eclectic ensemble cast. With its blend of comedy, crime, and drama, accompanied by a captivating soundtrack, the film is poised to captivate audiences and spark conversations about the complexities of modern relationships.

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Anticipation Builds:

As the release date approaches, anticipation mounts among cinephiles eager to witness Banerjee’s latest cinematic offering. With its exploration of love in the digital age, “LSD 2” promises to resonate with audiences and leave a lasting impact on the landscape of Indian cinema.

In Conclusion: LSD 2

“LSD 2: Love, Sex Aur Dhokha 2” emerges as a compelling exploration of modern relationships, offering a nuanced perspective on the challenges and triumphs of love in our increasingly interconnected world. With its stellar cast, visionary director, and thought-provoking storyline, the film is poised to make waves upon its release, inviting audiences to embark on a journey of self-discovery and introspection.

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