Piyush Bansal: Net Worth, Age & Investments

Piyush Bansal: Visionary Entrepreneur and Lenskart CEO

Piyush Bansal is a visionary entrepreneur renowned for his leadership as the CEO of Lenskart, an Indian multinational specializing in optical prescription eyewear. Born on April 26, 1985, Bansal’s journey from startup founder to industry leader reflects his entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to innovation in India’s retail sector.

Piyush Bansal Net Worth

While specific figures are not publicly disclosed, Piyush Bansal’s success with Lenskart and strategic investments indicate substantial financial success. His leadership at Lenskart has propelled the company to significant growth and valuation milestones in India’s competitive market.

Piyush Bansal: Net Worth, Age & Investments

Piyush Bansal Investments

Beyond Lenskart, Piyush is actively involved in strategic investments across various sectors. His ventures include investments in startups and real estate, showcasing his diversified portfolio and keen interest in fostering entrepreneurial initiatives beyond eyewear retail.

Piyush Bansal Lenskart

Founded in 2010 by Piyush along with Amit Chaudhary and later joined by Sumeet Kapahi, Lenskart has revolutionized India’s eyewear industry. Under Bansal’s guidance, Lenskart has expanded its offerings to include a wide range of eyewear products and accessories, leveraging technology and innovation to enhance customer experience and accessibility.

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Piyush Bansal LinkedIn

Piyush  maintains an active presence on LinkedIn, where he shares insights into entrepreneurship, leadership, and industry trends. His profile highlights his professional journey, achievements, and contributions to India’s startup ecosystem, making him a sought-after mentor and influencer in business circles.

Piyush Bansal: Net Worth, Age & Investments

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Early Ventures and Career Beginnings

Piyush embarked on his entrepreneurial journey after studying at McGill University in Montreal, Canada. He initially ventured into the tech industry, working in the United States and later founding ventures such as SearchMyCampus.com, aimed at assisting college students in securing jobs.

Piyush Bansal: Net Worth, Age & Investments

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Shark Tank India and Beyond

Piyush is also recognized for his role as a judge on Shark Tank India, where he evaluates and invests in promising business ideas pitched by aspiring entrepreneurs. His participation on the show has further cemented his reputation as a discerning investor and mentor to startups.

More Information about Piyush Bansal –

Piyush Bansal’s father is a Chartered Accountant.
Piyush Bansal’s mother’s name is Kiran Bansal, and she is a homemaker.
Piyush is married to Nimisha Bansal.
They have a son together.
Piyush Bansal also has an elder brother.

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Piyush’s journey from tech entrepreneur to CEO of Lenskart, coupled with his strategic investments and role in shaping India’s entrepreneurial landscape through platforms like Shark Tank India, highlights his multifaceted contributions. As he continues to lead Lenskart and explore new ventures, Bansal remains a pivotal figure in India’s startup and business community, embodying innovation, vision, and entrepreneurial spirit.

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