Spooky Pillars of Light Spotted in Japan

Spooky Pillars of Light Spotted in Japan Spark Alien Invasion Rumors

Spooky Pillars of Light Spotted in Japan-

Recently, the night sky over Tottori, Japan, was illuminated by a mesmerizing phenomenon that sparked a wave of speculation and rumors about an alien invasion. Stunning images showing nine luminous pillars of light on May 11, 2024, quickly went viral on social media. Initially believed by many to be a cosmic or extraterrestrial event, the true origin of these lights has now been revealed, debunking the otherworldly theories.

The Phenomenon: Isaribi Kochu

A report by Mothership has identified the light pillars as “Isaribi Kochu,” which translates to “fish-attracting light pillars.” This phenomenon is well-known in Japan and is linked to traditional fishing techniques used by local fishermen, especially for squid fishing.


 Origin of the Light Pillars

The mysterious light pillars were first captured by a social media user named Maashii, who witnessed the spectacle above the coastal town of Daisen. Another user, totoro8201, shared similar images from Nariishi beach, approximately 12 kilometers east of Daisen. These images sparked widespread speculation online, with many users suggesting the lights were of cosmic or alien origin.

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However, the reality behind these light pillars is rooted in the practicalities of fishing. Japanese fishermen use specialized lights called “Isaribi” to attract squid. As explained by sunnyskyz.com, these lights create a striking visual effect under specific atmospheric conditions. ( You are reading Spooky Pillars of Light Spotted )

Spooky Pillars of Light Spotted in Japan

Atmospheric Conditions: ( You are reading Spooky Pillars of Light Spotted )

The phenomenon occurs when overnight temperatures drop, causing ice crystals to form in the atmosphere above the fishing vessels. When there is no precipitation, these ice crystals act as mirrors, reflecting the light emitted by the boats. This results in the appearance of vertical light pillars visible from the shore.

 Cultural and Technological Intersection

According to Japan Today, “Isaribi” or “fishing fires” are lights used by fishing boats to lure in larger catches, particularly squid. During cooler nights, if the conditions are just right, ice crystals can form in the atmosphere above these illuminated boats. The light beams that appear are due to the reflection of the boat’s lights off these crystals. This phenomenon, known as “Isaribi Kochu,” highlights the rich cultural practices of Japanese fishermen and their innovative methods in harmony with natural elements. ( You are reading Spooky Pillars of Light Spotted )

Spooky Pillars of Light Spotted in Japan

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Previous Sightings

This was not the first time Maashii witnessed the phenomenon. Since moving to Daisen from Tokyo nine years ago, he has seen the light pillars three or four times. While rare, the occurrence is well-recognized in the region. ( You are reading Spooky Pillars of Light Spotted )


The luminous pillars of light over Tottori, Japan, initially sparked rumors of alien invasions and cosmic events. However, the true explanation lies in the traditional fishing practices of Japanese fishermen. The “Isaribi Kochu” phenomenon, resulting from lights used to attract fish reflecting off atmospheric ice crystals, underscores the fascinating blend of human ingenuity and natural phenomena. This event serves as a reminder of the rich cultural traditions intertwined with everyday life, offering a glimpse into the innovative techniques employed by fishermen in Japan. ( You are reading Spooky Pillars of Light Spotted )

Spooky Pillars of Light Spotted in Japan

Understanding the true nature of these light pillars allows us to appreciate the beauty and complexity of such occurrences, which, while rooted in practical purposes, can inspire awe and wonder in those who witness them. ( You are reading Spooky Pillars of Light Spotted )

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