Stock Market Live GIFT Nifty : Sensex Slides 800 Points, Nifty Dips Below 22,350Stock Market Live GIFT Nifty : Sensex Slides 800 Points, Nifty Dips Below 22,350

Stock Market Live GIFT Nifty : Sensex Slides 800 Points, Nifty Dips Below 22,350

Stock Market Live GIFT Nifty Live: Markets Trade Lower Amid Geopolitical Tensions


Today, global markets, including the Indian stock market and Asian markets, are experiencing a downturn amidst escalating tensions in the Middle East. Here’s a breakdown of the latest developments:


1. Indian Stock Market: Stock Market Live GIFT Nifty

The Indian stock market opened on a weak note today as the Sensex crashed over 800 points to 73,527, and the Nifty50 traded with deep cuts at 22,330, down by 190 points or 0.84%. This sharp decline reflects investor concerns over geopolitical tensions and their potential impact on market stability.

Investors are selling riskier assets following Iran’s attack on Israel, which has heightened fears of a wider conflict. The market cap of all BSE-listed companies is under pressure as none of the PMS schemes run by Dalal Street’s popular fund managers made it to the top 10 list in FY24. Midcaps, smallcaps, and SME stocks have outperformed blue-chip stocks by a wide margin during the financial year, with at least three PMS schemes doubling money. Stock Market Live GIFT Nifty

2. Key Factors Affecting the Market:

Rising geopolitical tensions in the Middle East have added to existing concerns about inflation and interest rates. The escalation of the Middle East crisis risks injecting fresh volatility into markets and further weighing on investors’ risk appetite.

Investors are closely monitoring several stock market triggers, including Q4 results, general elections in 2024, and global economic macroeconomic data. The Israel-Iran conflict, along with domestic and global market cues, will guide the stock market direction this week.

Trending news of stock market
Trending news of stock market

3. Market Outlook:

Despite short-term headwinds from factors like the US Fed easing being pushed into CY25 and hardening commodity prices due to adverse geopolitics, analysts maintain a positive view on Indian equities. The India story is largely internally driven, with a capex turnaround and a recovery in domestic manufacturing providing support. Live reports

Resilient earnings forecasts for sectors like consumer discretionary reflect confidence in the market’s long-term prospects. Analysts expect the upcoming Q4FY24 results season to be on track, contributing to resilient FY25 EPS forecasts.Stock Market Live GIFT Nifty

“We maintain our positive view on markets with a year-end Nifty target of 24,000 and expect SMIDs to continue their outperformance,” said Seshadri Sen, Head Of Research And Strategist, Emkay Global Financial Services.

4. Asian Markets: Stock Market Live GIFT Nifty

Asian markets, including Japan’s Nikkei 225 and South Korea’s Kospi, slipped in response to losses in US equities and geopolitical tensions. Japan’s Nikkei 225 declined by 1.28%, while South Korea’s Kospi fell by 0.92%. Hong Kong’s Hang Seng index futures indicated a weak opening, adding to concerns about global market stability.

5. Gift Nifty and Wall Street:Gift Ni

fty is trading around the 22,465 level, indicating a gap-down start for the Indian stock market indices. US stock market indices ended lower on Friday due to underwhelming bank earnings and geopolitical tensions. Stock Market Live GIFT Nifty

Among stocks, Advanced Micro Devices shares fell by 4.2%, Intel share price plunged by 5.2%, and US Steel shares dropped by 2.1%. Stock Market Live GIFT Nifty

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6. Iran-Israel Conflict:

Geopolitical tensions escalated in the Middle East after Iran launched drones and missiles against military targets in Israel in response to a suspected attack on Iran’s Syria consulate. The attack, confirmed by Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guard Corps (IRGC), targeted specific military targets in Israel. Stock Market Live GIFT Nifty

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Israel is likely to retaliate against Iran in response, further heightening tensions in the region and contributing to market uncertainty.Stock Market Live GIFT Nifty

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Conclusion: Stock Market Live GIFT Nifty

Today’s market movements reflect heightened geopolitical tensions and global economic uncertainties. While short-term challenges persist, analysts maintain a positive outlook on Indian equities, emphasizing resilience and growth potential in the long run. Investors continue to monitor geopolitical developments and economic indicators for market direction. Stock Market Live GIFT Nifty

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