Champai SorenChampai Soren

Champai Soren

Champai Soren, born on 1 November 1956 in Jilinggora village, Seraikela-Kharsawan district, is a prominent figure in Indian politics, particularly known for his role in the Jharkhand Mukti Morcha (JMM). He has served as a seven-time MLA and briefly held the position of Chief Minister of Jharkhand in early 2024.

Champai Soren and Jharkhand

Champai  political journey began as an independent MLA before joining the JMM during the movement for a separate Jharkhand state. He has represented the Seraikella assembly constituency for several terms in the Jharkhand Legislative Assembly, advocating for tribal rights and development.

Champai Soren
Who is Champai

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Champai Soren’s Brother

Champai  brother, Hemant Soren, is also deeply involved in politics and has served as the Chief Minister of Jharkhand multiple times. The relationship between the two brothers has been significant in shaping regional politics, with both playing pivotal roles within the JMM.

Champai Soren’s Relation with Hemant Soren

Champai  and Hemant Soren share a complex political relationship marked by collaboration and occasional differences. They have often worked together within the JMM to strengthen tribal representation and address socio-economic issues in Jharkhand.

Who is Champai Soren

Champai  is a tribal leader and seasoned politician known for his advocacy for the creation of Jharkhand as a separate state. His political career spans decades, marked by his commitment to serving the people of Jharkhand, especially those from tribal communities.


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Champai Soren’s Son

Champai is a father of seven children, although specific details about his sons are not widely publicized. His family plays a significant role in supporting his political endeavors and community initiatives in Jharkhand.

Champai Soren

Champai Soren’s Family

Champai  hails from a humble background, with his father, Simal Soren, being a farmer. His family’s roots in Jharkhand’s tribal communities have influenced his dedication to tribal welfare and empowerment through political means.

Champai Soren and Hemant Soren Relationship

The relationship between Champai and Hemant Soren, despite occasional political differences, reflects a shared commitment to the welfare of Jharkhand’s tribal population. Their collaboration within the JMM has been instrumental in navigating the state’s political landscape.


This article provides an overview of Champai background, political career, family, and his relationship with his brother Hemant Soren, highlighting their contributions to Jharkhand’s socio-political development.

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