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Baijayant Panda: A Prominent Indian Politician


Baijayant Panda, born on January 12, 1964, in Cuttack, is a key figure in Indian politics, currently serving as the National Vice President and spokesperson for the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). His extensive political career includes terms in both the Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha.

Political Journey of Baijayant Panda

Panda began his political career with the Biju Janata Dal (BJD), serving in the Rajya Sabha from 2000 to 2009 and later representing Kendrapara in the Lok Sabha. In January 2018, he was suspended from the BJD for alleged anti-party activities and resigned in May 2018, claiming a conspiracy against him. He joined the BJP in March 2019.

Personal Life of Baijayant Panda

Baijayant Panda was born to Bansidhar and Ila Panda. He earned a degree in engineering and management from Michigan Technological University. On August 13, 1994, he married Jaggi Mangat Panda, Managing Director of Ortel Communications Limited.

Baijayant Panda’s Wife

Baijayant Panda is married to Jaggi Mangat Panda. She is a former model turned entrepreneur and serves as the Managing Director of Ortel Communications Limited.

Baijayant Panda
Baijayant Panda Wife
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Baijayant Panda’s Net Worth

As of the latest available information, Baijayant Panda’s net worth is estimated to be substantial, given his career in both politics and business. However, the exact figure may vary based on recent updates and declarations.

Baijayant Panda’s Daughter

Baijayant Panda and his wife Jaggi Mangat Panda have a daughter named Vritika Panda.

Literary Work

In 2019, Panda published “Lutyens’ Maverick,” a collection of op-eds and columns written for major national media outlets since 2009.

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Public Initiatives

Panda has been actively involved in several public initiatives:

  1. Citizen’s Alliance Against Malnutrition: This high-level advocacy group, including young MPs and influential personalities, aims to combat malnutrition by raising awareness and encouraging action nationwide.
  2. Tobacco Control Advocacy: Inspired by Australia’s plain packaging laws, Panda introduced a bill in the Lok Sabha to mandate similar measures in India, including larger health warnings and advertising bans.
  3. Support for Migrant Workers: Following reports of exploitation of Odia workers in Andhra Pradesh, Panda urged the NHRC and the Andhra Pradesh government to investigate and protect workers’ rights. He also visited the brick kilns to gather firsthand information.

Role in BJP

In March 2019, Panda was appointed BJP’s National Vice President and spokesperson, a role approved by BJP National President Amit Shah.

Baijayant Panda
Baijayant Panda Political Carrer

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Legislative Contributions

Panda has introduced several significant private member bills, including:

  1. CAG Amendment Bill, 2016: Strengthening the Comptroller and Auditor General’s office with additional powers.
  2. Fast Track Courts for Elected Representatives Bill, 2013: Establishing special courts for expedited trials of elected officials.
  3. Representation of the People Amendment Bills, 2013 and 2014: Preventing the criminalization of politics and ensuring timely resignation from multiple constituencies.
  4. Information Technology Amendment Bill, 2012: Protecting free speech online by amending Section 66A of the IT Act.
  5. Indian Penal Code Amendment Bill, 2012: Revising sedition laws to allow greater freedom of expression while penalizing violent actions.
  6. Criminal Procedure Code Amendment Bill, 2013: Improving accountability and independence of public prosecutors.
  7. Cigarettes and Other Tobacco Products Amendment Bill, 2012: Mandating plain packaging for tobacco products.
  8. Intangible Cultural Heritage Bill, 2013: Protecting India’s intangible cultural heritage through autonomous national and state commissions.


Baijayant Panda’s career demonstrates his dedication to public service and social issues through legislative action and advocacy. His contributions have significantly impacted both his constituents and the nation.

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