How to Vote as an NRI in IndiaHow to Vote as an NRI in India

How to Vote as an NRI in India

As an Indian citizen residing abroad, you still have the right to participate in India’s democratic process. Here’s a concise guide on how you, as a Non-Resident Indian (NRI), can exercise your right to vote.

Eligibility Criteria

To vote as an NRI, you must meet the following conditions:

  • Indian Citizenship: You must be a citizen of India and not hold citizenship of any other country.
  • Age: You should be 18 years or older on January 1st of the year of the electoral roll revision.
  • Absence from India: You should be residing outside India for employment, education, or other reasons. How to Vote as an NRI in India
How to Vote as an NRI in India
How to Vote as an NRI in India

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Steps to Register as an NRI Voter

Online Registration

  1. Visit the Voter Portal:
  2. Fill Form 6A:
    • Complete the online Form 6A with your personal details as per your Indian passport.
  3. Upload Required Documents:
    • Upload a recent passport-sized photograph.
    • Upload self-attested photocopies of relevant passport pages (photo, address in India, visa endorsement).
  4. Submit the Form:
    • Review the details and submit the form online.
    • An acknowledgment receipt will be generated; save it for reference.

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Offline Registration

  1. Obtain Form 6A:
  2. Fill the Form:
    • Complete Form 6A with all necessary details.
  3. Attach Documents:
    • Attach a recent passport-sized photograph.
    • Attach self-attested photocopies of relevant passport pages.
  4. Submit the Form:
    • Submit the form and documents in person to the Electoral Registration Officer (ERO) of your constituency or send them by post. If submitting in person, present your original passport for verification. How to Vote as an NRI in India
How to Vote as an NRI in India
How to Vote as an NRI in India

Verification Process

  1. Home Verification:
    • A Booth Level Officer (BLO) will visit your Indian address to verify the documents.
  2. Indian Mission Verification:
  3. Notification:
    • You will be informed of the ERO’s decision by post and SMS. How to Vote as an NRI in India

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Voting Process for NRIs

Voting in Person

  1. Check Your Name in the Electoral Roll:
    • Verify your name in the electoral roll under the “Overseas Electors” section.
  2. No EPIC Issued:
    • NRIs are not issued an Electoral Photo Identity Card (EPIC).
  3. Vote at the Polling Station:
    • You must vote in person at your designated polling station in India.
    • Carry your original passport as identification.

Important Points to Remember

  • Single Enrollment: Ensure you are enrolled only once in the electoral roll.
  • Surrender EPIC: If previously registered as a general voter, surrender your EPIC upon submitting Form 6A.
  • Address Updates: Inform the ERO about changes in your residential address abroad.
  • Return to India: Upon returning to India, register as a general elector at your place of ordinary residence.How to Vote as an NRI in India

How to Vote as an NRI in India


Q1. Can an NRI settled abroad vote in Indian elections? Yes, if you are an Indian citizen and meet the eligibility criteria, you can vote in Indian elections.

Q2. What documents are required for NRI voter registration? A recent passport-sized photograph and self-attested copies of relevant passport pages, including the visa endorsement page.

Q3. How can NRIs check their voter registration status? Check the status on the Voter Portal or via SMS using the acknowledgment receipt number.

Q4. What should NRIs do if there are errors in the electoral roll? Submit Form 8 to the concerned ERO for corrections.

By following these steps, NRIs can actively participate in India’s democratic process, ensuring their voice is heard in shaping the nation’s future.

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