Rajkot Gaming Zone FireRajkot Gaming Zone Fire

Rajkot Gaming Zone Fire Claims 28 Lives: Facility Lacked Fire License

Rajkot, May 25

The Rajkot Gaming Zone Fire has tragically claimed 28 lives, including nine children, raising serious concerns about safety protocols and regulatory compliance. The gaming zone, known as TRP, was operating without a no-objection certificate (NOC) for fire safety from the Rajkot Municipal Corporation. The facility also had only one exit, exacerbating the disaster.

Rajkot Gaming Zone Fire Incident Overview

The fire broke out in the evening when the TRP gaming zone was crowded due to a special weekend discount offer. Preliminary investigations suggest a short circuit might have caused the Rajkot Gaming Zone Fire, but the exact cause remains under investigation. The fire’s intensity sent smoke visible from several kilometers away, and the victims’ bodies were charred beyond recognition, complicating identification efforts. DNA samples from the victims and their relatives are being collected.

Rajkot Gaming Zone Fire Regulatory Failures

The TRP gaming zone lacked necessary licenses and fire safety measures, now under sharp scrutiny. Rajkot Mayor Nayna Pedhadiya confirmed the absence of a fire NOC. “We will investigate how such a large gaming zone was operating without a fire NOC. We are witnessing the dire consequences of this negligence,” she stated.

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The facility’s design, with only one emergency exit, led to chaos and panic when the Rajkot Gaming Zone Fire erupted. The building’s temporary structure collapsed near the entrance, obstructing escape routes and trapping many inside.

Rajkot Gaming Zone Fire

Rescue and Investigation about Rajkot Gaming Zone Fire

Rajkot fire officer Ilesh Kher reported significant challenges in fighting the Rajkot Gaming Zone Fire due to the collapse of the temporary structure and wind velocity. Despite these obstacles, firefighting efforts continued. The owner and manager of the TRP game zone have been detained for questioning. The state Director General of Police has ordered inspections of all gaming zones in Gujarat and the closure of those without proper fire safety permissions.

Assistant Commissioner of Police Radhika Bhara confirmed the death toll and emphasized the difficulty in identifying victims due to the condition of the bodies.

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Aftermath and Response

Following the Rajkot Gaming Zone Fire, the Gujarat government has ordered a Special Investigation Team (SIT) probe to thoroughly examine the circumstances leading to the fire. The government has also issued stringent instructions to ensure all gaming zones comply with safety regulations to prevent future disasters.

Rajkot Gaming Zone Fire

The Rajkot Gaming Zone Fire serves as a stark reminder of the critical importance of adhering to safety regulations and the dire consequences of neglecting them.

Related Quries-

Q1. What is the gaming zone in Rajkot?

Ans. The TRP gaming zone in Rajkot was a four-year-old amusement park constructed with temporary structures, including tin roofs and two floors. On May 26, Gujarat Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel and Home Minister Harsh Sanghavi visited the site to assess the situation.

Q2. How many deaths in Rajkot Game Zone?

Ans. At least 35 people, including 12 children, reportedly lost their lives in a large fire at an amusement and theme park in Rajkot, Gujarat, on the evening of May 25. The fire occurred at ‘TRP’ amusement and theme park, which was crowded with children at the time, leading to chaos and panic.

Q3. Which gaming zone in Rajkot caught fire?

A massive fire in the gaming zone of TRP amusement and theme park in Rajkot, Gujarat, claimed the lives of at least 35 people, including 12 children, on Saturday evening. The park, which lacked proper licenses and a fire clearance no-objection certificate (NOC), was crowded due to a discounted ticket scheme. ( You are reading Rajkot Gaming Zone Fire )

Rajkot Gaming Zone Fire

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