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Vishal Pandey News-

A recent incident on Bigg Boss OTT 3 has sparked controversy involving YouTuber Vishal Pandey. The incident unfolded when Vishal made a compliment towards Kritika Malik, leading to an altercation with fellow contestant Armaan Malik, who slapped him during the show’s ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’.

Vishal Pandey’s comments on Kritika Malik were initially well-intentioned, expressing admiration for her appearance. However, the situation escalated on national television when Armaan Malik, apparently misunderstanding Vishal’s remarks, physically confronted him.

Vishal Pandey News
Vishal Pandey do bad comment

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The controversy intensified further with a viral video showing Vishal Pandey and another contestant, Luv Kataria, making questionable remarks about Kritika Malik’s attire during a workout session in the Bigg Boss OTT 3 house. The incident drew strong reactions from viewers and fans of the show. ( You  are reading Vishal Pandey News )

In response to the backlash, Vishal Pandey’s sister Neha issued a statement on Instagram defending her brother’s character and intentions, emphasizing that his comments were innocent and misconstrued by others. She asserted that Vishal has always shown respect towards women and enjoys the support of his family.

Vishal Pandey news
Vishal Pandey bad comment on Kritika

The incident has sparked debates on social media regarding respect, sensitivity, and the portrayal of relationships within reality TV shows. Vishal Pandey, amidst the controversy, continues to be a prominent figure in discussions online and offline.

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Vishal Pandey News
Arman Malik Slapped Vishal Pandey

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